Monday, 11 February 2013

As Henry Said

As Henry said what could be here is there to him her or that dog with a cocked leg shoulder in oven white rain layers I go on My footsteps tick and tick no stop tock cider and stock for the beast for me as cornered children shout and run skip kick slip playing?... Our bedroom now without the heart I lay with without inamorta Unsterbliche Geliebte The pillows puffed Covers stretched to corners I leave with later We'll be couverts

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hailstorm in Chalon

breezing outta the upstairs changing room hair blowing, scented like a slowed down music video radio station static tout droit wire's in a coeur corner head hail: made up arriving at the station ax wound weeping I'll palm the patch before piscine a pig (not dio) a shaved man on a run down road eating a bunch of grapes an apple (balled by a melon) it's obvious that my feet aren't in politics unless your set lips cause allergies

Friday, 19 October 2012

Table For... You?

Table for two?

One more
Hit wonder

One liners
Born every minute

Une nuit

Yeah, one piece
Suit for sharing

One eyed jacks
And up
In a million

One on one

One off
For all

An eye or shoe
Pair of pearls

Where's my shoe?

One pound
Of prickly pears

One egg missing

A room
One way
Cul de sac cunt

No return
1 above
Above none
Not some

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sea Legs

As he packed up Leaving behind remnants and cobwebs And tenancy dust We broke this bed: Support straps snapped The map of France flopped Ships in the sea The legs gave way.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tourists at Petit Dejuner

All showered, shitted and shaved Armpits, pussies, legs Men in denim Shorts and shirts (all with hair) At 7 a.m there's no one Younger than me I'm on concentrated juice And coffee, no sugar They stack plates: Ham, jam, pastries How saccharine These couples that have Curled and cuddled As I curdle without G My guarantee I can't help from looking outside We get a taxi to the airport And abandon We don't book Or research We go where we see A sea from a room I get up and groom Clip and nip and lay On marble Waiting for a breakfast Of honey Ham and sugar.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


These are lyrics to cervelle musique (avec ou sans capers) I'm in Seville kicking peeled orange skins At pigeons that don't know where Worms wiggle. My kidless kidneys dance On the other foot The white robe worn Is a hotel bathrobe My hand in my pocket Feeds snails named Alanis and Anaïs Who else: Henry Miller. And after Plucked from the garden Fucked into a brown bucket To shit it all out: A detox for death to be delectable. My pupils have been lessoned Regarding this photo of us It opens my pours I'd swear on the heart of Christ If i'd jamais met 23 versions of your shape And look my search would constantly Be to try and find a switch to finger Not a trigger But you are A floodlight.