Friday, 30 March 2012


At dinner in another's home
Coded in to the reste of Christmas

The tenant before hadn't pulled
The blinds up for 30 odd years

He gave me a stewed lapin head
The jaw gave way in my palm
I sucked the langue

As she bit hers
And asked again

Où es-tu?

Post wine cheminer:
The city's seal unglued
Spread on the Blvd Clichy

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

De Attrait

Down Metro Louvre-Rivoli
There's glass benches
And up there on hot rue's:
Topless drunks
Misogynist cabine's
Morrison's expatriate hangout
Ghost writers drinking from haunted
Cocktail glasses at Pont Royal
Algerian socks
Eyes bar
Styrofoam snails
The Baci marche where P.P
Bought still life apples
Beef cheeks lettuce heads and
L'hotel where Wilde popped
And passed
On Mouffetard
Ernest got ossified and wrote about men
Without women.

Friday, 16 March 2012


Dolled and tuned
Through a wind

Bills building unsettled
Sheltered I chose
Thick sopa and two bottles

The place had started
Saints had already listened
To south American rezo's

But for another's sake
They couldn't put
That part on a common map

Two different directions
East arrow faltering
Before a set

This was why they thought
The world was round...

A gate over her décolletage
Fitted in fabrics
Melody puppetry

Those cinema scenes
Where they don't speak
And your head eats itself

I should of skipped the casting
Fired the agent
And gone dressed as a dog

When a chanteuse sees
These soft pupils curl
In a heavy tête

They compose.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Escape Map

This was written at the Picasso Musée and was published two years ago.

Pablo, when my knife
Peels fruit skin,
There’s subliminal Spain
And Paris before,

This century played people.
Gathered knocking,
For a kiss.

We have hands, round heads
Busy producing coloured
Shapes of
deliberated choice.

Before lunch,
Down Rue des Grands Augustins,
I waited where you created,
What hangs on Madrid.

Tell me, did erotic ombre’s
Posses you not going dry?

Stuffed strong,
Forward desire,
Cools by controlling
Relief in percentages.