Sunday, 18 September 2011


In childhood
I didn't enjoy much food
I hated livers fried in schmaltz
Gefilte fish and Challah

I smoked from 10
Sometimes I snuck a sip
Of Blessed wine

Then the Fuhrer and his Nazi's
Took us out of our homes
And caged us
Turned us to bone ash

As I starved
All that grub I turned down
At family meals
The stews, mothers bread, pastrami
I escaped through this

My brothers Dovid, Saul, Mattithyahu and Abraham
And sisters Batel and Kayla
Got chewed up
Without a bite

They had more flesh
But went quicker

My parents
(almost dead before)
Went in shock
Their hearts tied together
Using the same drum sticks
Holding hands in Olam Ha-Ba
Their blood mixed
Their d.n.a split
In their brood
And I Glukel

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Romantic No Go

You've have been fooled
Thinking it easier to desaparecer

And leave it to me
To see you back
With your ma in a Madrid

Tipping borrachera in a sink
Or the tub
Launching just opened bottles
Out onto Calle de los

Did you get yourself
In the espejo retrovisor
In fifth
On roto roads

You packed up there to meet bums
Like me
In the worlds
Romantic no go

But from there again
Put your lentes para leer on

I am here
Frith St
With a bicicletta
Brooding on you

There isn't any wonder

And I wash it down
And order one to you
And another for ride.