Sunday, 18 September 2011


In childhood
I didn't enjoy much food
I hated livers fried in schmaltz
Gefilte fish and Challah

I smoked from 10
Sometimes I snuck a sip
Of Blessed wine

Then the Fuhrer and his Nazi's
Took us out of our homes
And caged us
Turned us to bone ash

As I starved
All that grub I turned down
At family meals
The stews, mothers bread, pastrami
I escaped through this

My brothers Dovid, Saul, Mattithyahu and Abraham
And sisters Batel and Kayla
Got chewed up
Without a bite

They had more flesh
But went quicker

My parents
(almost dead before)
Went in shock
Their hearts tied together
Using the same drum sticks
Holding hands in Olam Ha-Ba
Their blood mixed
Their d.n.a split
In their brood
And I Glukel

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