Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Faithful masturbation
My audience world
Women not wives

Spread and solo
Videos of life
Sucked from curled
Brown swirls

Bright pink bikini top
Rip revealing
And prize

In two flavour pies
Swat at 'em
Circle the cheap
Home recorder

An inch away
That's too close

To the vice

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hold Your Horses

I’m destined

Filling pages with creepy

Hints and urges

Tales of my unused prick

Hold your horses I’m not saying cunt

Starvation is only getting to me

Or full ripe lust will turn me

Inside out

But here’s some shame

The cheap stuff

That colours my fingernails

And wakes me at 5.45 a.m

On a Saturday with a hard on

Over my last one

I pulled at it

Settling down

Slowing my hunted heart

A porno projecting

On the back of my lids:

She’s bending over

To light a cigarette in rainbow

Panties she soaps up

My cock and her breasts

And puts 2 + 2 together

On her hands

Bouncing on me

Her happy ass slapping my thighs

After the frenzy

My room goes grey

And cars on Hampstead Road

Beep and honk

Sometimes the rain

Sends me back to a pitiful sleep

Or I’ll try and make

It to another X frame

But that doesn’t work

I’ve got a set of projections

That wake me

That I work with

I say her name

Out loud

And try use a 6th

Sense to make her whip off

The covers and rub herself

That rhythmic sticky sound

Breathing and whispers

Her cunt blooms and tingles

I listen to traffic and creaky floorboards and the

Interrupting washing machine on its first cycle

On my day off.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Just Remember

For A. T

There is an abundance of sorry lost cunts
Bewildered by ineptitude,

Some have no hands and live with mummy
Daddy just wants to get through the weekend papers,

Some hibernate in boudoir boo hoo's
Floors littered with damp hope and hunger,

Pictures of assfucking, thoughts of cum soaked
tissues and jazz mag pages stuck with paste

The paste of lonely masturdators, these kids with tainted
Egos haven't pissed themselves or stubbed a cigarette
Out on their arms, haven't traded their heart with a
Woman only willing to act like a sad cow about to be
Cut into dinner sized meals

If you thought getting caught on enemy lines in a war zone
Would be a full time nightmare
Get yourself out there, go to bars and work and school
Walk in Autumn and meet a brazen feline

Pet her, buy her a three star tin of cat food, a velvet collar
With a name and number and home address
And she'll still scratch gashes on your cheeks and
Claw one of your fucking eyes out

She'll wander off and come back purring through the flap
And nuzzle against you when you have low migranes
You'll see her and hear that familiar meow
On walls around any city in the world.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

First Silence

Once again Repeating

Forming Patterns

Seen before

Holding glasses


The same lines

Growing over

Instant marriage


In another seat

Doesn’t change

My heart or

The emptiness rising to new levels

My deaf heart


To be ripped

In silence

Monday, 15 November 2010

Please Read Carefully

Before you read this
Take the following questions

-Are you breastfeeding?
-Do you suffer from kidney problems?
-Are you pregnant or trying to become pregnant?

Please read carefully
Keep this safe
You may need to read it again

It is yours
Do not show it to others

It may
If they are suffering from the same
As you

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Paranoid Arachnoid

Spiders in churches
& hospital corridors

Children’s bedrooms
Kitchen cupboards
Behind removable mirrors

Under damp cardboard boxes
Down plugholes

Hanging out their legs
They have tapdanced in your Mouth

Their eyes have spied you shower

Up in corner's safe & free
They stay

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Vodka Isometrics

It started in the light
Another day
From my ochre teeth
To Bones
Connected in my feet

Some parts of night
Between matter and skin

It came full circle
Once one had left
Another appeared
Laced with another
Blow or soft bite

Fractured upstairs
Full make up over
Scars found again

She dried off bruises
Saying this time
Next year

These legs
And eyelashes
Will take you

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Side of the table

From the other end
It looks and sounds
Easy to take

One year or more
Before roads and rooms
You knew
Move into

Rooms and roads with
Different walls
Paint signs
And sounds

I put my old hands and head
Into all of this
And recollect
A kissed mouth
I’m dry without

It’s that tongue
I’m trying to find

Friday, 5 November 2010

In one hand...out the other.

Let me know when the party's over
Let me know about deaths brush
And certain handfuls

Tell me of punishing hangovers
Tales of Benedictine and Brandy
Blue Agave and Ginger Beer
Trips to Golgotha

Call me an insensate bastard
Bruised and overdue
I'm still above ground
With straight

Close shaves not of where
But how I'm full
Of concupiscence
And little to show for

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rife Rumours

Since Elvis has left the building
For good
He’s been seen on Mars
In a Michigan Supermarket
At a dive bar in East Hollywood
Running on a Vegas treadmill
Chowing down at Beef and Liberty
And Four Flames.

Some say he’s grown a grizzly beard
And lives on the left bank
Or he’s slimmed down
And started dog breeding

They’ve seen him sing Karaoke
And in priest clothes.