Monday, 31 January 2011

La mañana

With a chocolate milk cure
And a smoke
On Calle de Atocha

This polka dot dress belleza
Eyed me at the parada
De autobús

She walked over and asked
For one

I pulled out the pack
Dropped my pen
Then my sunglasses

And mentioned
'No habla Español'

She lit and with ease
And that dress she smiled
and said
'Enjoy your breakfast.'

I did.

Friday, 28 January 2011


I’ll shit scare ‘em

If this $et

Matches mine

The multimillionaire

Whose conversations

Never peak

The lucky piss streak

With no telephone manner

It isn’t just lottery

A valentine

Or hand job

From a bankrolled muse

That would stop these invisible


On crushed prey

Same sex striptease

Lips and tits

Sleaze with ease

Watch the balance drop

The table turn

Look, it's still here.

Survive Surpirse

I knew I’d see a dented face

Sooner than stubble

A toothpick stuck

Between saying help

I left him

So he was holding

The crumbling cliff

Do I check now

To see if he’s gone?

There isn't a body

Or a floating hat

Maybe a man can survive

The cunt hunt

To make it

Back to the cave

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


You'll find fuck all in blowing it all against a wall
Boy, playing with yourself, with your mickey
Thinking of gee gee gee and holes
Come here, will ya, it don't come for free

(Didn't they say the best things in life were?
They were off the mark boy. Still are)

Winter dark walks across fields
Pulling it off
Covering the self stimulate with a newspaper bag

Ya spent that money on the same, ya fool,
Part time eegjit
What'd ya want?Some perfumed gourmand with a flat belly
And unbroken hymen?

Some brunette, vivacious and erudite
Who can let you stay in the stall
And introduce you to ex boyfriends

Ya tick lump, ya tink everyone else
Gets it better than you -
Self pitying gobshite
Self deprecating braggart,
Fucking gobstick.

There's a myriad of men
A myriad of ladies holding down
Jobs they can't face,
Loves they no longer practice
With hard nosed souls who can't express opinion
Or a simple view

They have to watch negligent telly
And pay for tunes on iTunes to identify
With others
They don't want to recognize what they want
They put it under, bury it unidentified

They forget their own birthday.
And their mothers.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Means No

No matter, no
The city, predicted weather, no
Tied up or not, devoted, no no

Off wagon again or on,
Still these two letters, no
Redish mouth, shaved and
On homeland or on
This earth wire no

Rest for the wicked
A big NO
Dr. No not sure

Of nowhere
I don't know.

Monday, 17 January 2011


It was a Europeans birthday bash
Two months before your hand fasting
And aviation

And in my greedy shame
Steeped in moral ineptitude
We clawed and clasped
Forcing our stretched mouths
Our doused tongues to reach
Besmirched windows

My scarred hands snaked your front
And cut under some bra
I'd probably thrown across a room
Years before

Hadn't we been lectured
From the penultimate lesson?
It seems unlikely.

And now ha ha ha ha ha
We may as well be son and daughter


Full house, glass tink, cutlery scrape.
Chair leg. Sit together.
Shit seperate.

Scruffy fat. Chef's break. Fag puff.
Saturday service, and after.
Questions raised!Paid with 12.5%
Course delay. Cold main.
Hard potato. Eyes,cut out.
Salted legs. Hanger plated.

Brigade de cuisine...Push!
Service!Her majesty's?
Customer's? A purpose.
Service!A furry Jury.
Sink fresh.Dropped cheeks.
Table twelve.

Paying with cash. Second bottle.
Queue. Waiter without eyes.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Retreat In Upstate New York

And I ask. What is the cure for coping?

Not slumber, deep eight, nine hours interrupted
Just naps, because a starving fatigued grey
Brain stops, there's no back up. No reservation.

Distracted concentration ash, lack of able,
Tasks become trials - the staircase,
Walls (four), safety.

Don't touch me
Handle with care

The front door becomes an end
A step of toward hell
Full of poorly paid paparazzi
With loose morals and a TARGET.

Baby, I'm sorry

These spies take unlicensed pictures
And they're put up for auction
And bidded for by the baddest
Most desperate lost magazine

They pay to show subscribers
Scenes of family privacy
In a park, during dinner, in the car,
Post funeral.

They are photo perverts
Capturing a daughter who's daddy has been donated
To film history,
A mother of protection for her child who can't remember
Papa's aftershave, favourite Ice Cream or
Bedtime tale.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Insert Local Here

A half dressed city
Puddled vision
Froth canal
Mashed fruit demented pavement
Delivered milk and your man's
Had his juice before
Getting back between
His hand hot wife

Unlike the post through the box
She hasn't stirred, still snuffed from Fuck Friday
Down (insert local here)
The boys engrossed in retro cartoons,
Dogs haven't been fed for 12 hours
Are licking dried morsels and blowing air
Under the bedroom door
Sink of unrinsed dinner dishes
And a stink of overused ashtrays

They both stay that way
And later he'll be down (insert local here)
For Final Score and she'll do
The week shop at a supermarket
For canned bargains, shrink wrapped flesh
And sugared cereal.

The boys'll get their Saturday takeaways
While Ma prepares herself with sweet perfume
And two for five wines
To meet da at (insert local here).

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year Zest

From Le jour de l'An
They try a verbal form of inanition
And an abstinence of open bottles

The paper neighbours
Believe brainwash

And you celebrate instead

Taking pleasure in wine with lunch
Hot desserts and d. i. a

Cutting out canned soda's
Putting fruit next to sofa's
And your desk

Calories don't just disappear
At membership gyms
Give the house a once over
Move beds and cupboards

Out in the garden
Weed and trim wild hedges
Rake up leaves

Cook your own meals

At weekends take to squash games
Mild jogging
Burst and fits on a bicycle
Go round again.

See how this compares
To the ones struggling
Without a drop

The ones holding on
By a nail.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

This One

Let's split this bag
Or a table wine

What needs you have
Will be attained
My fruitful pursued princess

This is one you've not got near
Or heard whispered of
In dumb workplace corridors

It rips roofs off houses
Played Hamlet

Puts needles through glass

Sang lead in a choir
Owns a vineyard
Can recite Under Milk Wood

And work stocks
Has no sock holes

Flosses after meals
A trophy cabinet
No outstanding debts

An adoration of pets
Can read sheet
Uses his loaf

Daily to court you
On black diamond
And Ortolan

Enough affirmation.

Show me to your boudoir
Reveal the verdant rose

Trill nightingales
This will be a silk nest.

À quoi penses-tu ?

Tail end trip ticket

My return to family maisons

I yawned through Monopoly

Passed out postprandial

Gave search for marks or updates

Hints and tips

Keep it going

Pen on paper

A pair of workboots

Stop the grub

What you're doing

Cop on

Get to the four coasts

Of France

What you think is a problem

Can be solved through indications

All over and in
Eager women
Job movements

Trips abroad

NYC with your salt beef

And hot dogs,

Los Angeles and your variety

Of babes and hollywood history

There's no need for cheats

You and determination

You and effort

You and support.

Will pay off.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Here Lads

How odd that I
Me a soupbone ego
Without nest
Lays an egg here

In an establishment
Without a door

They let leaves blow in

But do the denizens know
I stand on their flowerbeds
And open their mail?

Monday, 3 January 2011

Anyone's Guess

From the haze and hues
To all abuse
Limning obtuse

Pockets of ludes
A madwomans shoe
Blister new

Blue open moon
Trumpet toot
Sausage balloon

Bus to Beirut
The two of youse
Sans excuse

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A man called horse

Étaín you may only be two older than-
But don't bin me
Like pain d'un jour
My trente wrinkles and pockmarks
Show you life as it brays

It's been soused, doused and ossified
In any booze
You've sipped at or admired
Behind the bar

Throw salt on me
Put out the lights
And cry
With my advantage

We'll take to horseback hunting
Beagles flocking below, yelps and growls, mine and theirs
You'd be in cream
Riding jacket
Fitted leggings stuffed into knee high
Fuck me boots.
Holysuffering crucified Christ!
Pray for my innability to have
What a madame wants and covets

Me - the rue and doe
Me - the pawn
The fawn
The urchin
The nag with no saddle

I await the mighty
The steeplechase

I'm very very patient
A push over

My arm has been raised for six years
My homework complete and unmarked

I know few set skills
How to peel an onion
Open a bottle of wine
Tip velvet

I sing a song
Of suffering and the steeplechase
Sadleseat for a ride and tie

Jump on.