Thursday, 13 January 2011

Insert Local Here

A half dressed city
Puddled vision
Froth canal
Mashed fruit demented pavement
Delivered milk and your man's
Had his juice before
Getting back between
His hand hot wife

Unlike the post through the box
She hasn't stirred, still snuffed from Fuck Friday
Down (insert local here)
The boys engrossed in retro cartoons,
Dogs haven't been fed for 12 hours
Are licking dried morsels and blowing air
Under the bedroom door
Sink of unrinsed dinner dishes
And a stink of overused ashtrays

They both stay that way
And later he'll be down (insert local here)
For Final Score and she'll do
The week shop at a supermarket
For canned bargains, shrink wrapped flesh
And sugared cereal.

The boys'll get their Saturday takeaways
While Ma prepares herself with sweet perfume
And two for five wines
To meet da at (insert local here).

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