Sunday, 2 January 2011

A man called horse

Étaín you may only be two older than-
But don't bin me
Like pain d'un jour
My trente wrinkles and pockmarks
Show you life as it brays

It's been soused, doused and ossified
In any booze
You've sipped at or admired
Behind the bar

Throw salt on me
Put out the lights
And cry
With my advantage

We'll take to horseback hunting
Beagles flocking below, yelps and growls, mine and theirs
You'd be in cream
Riding jacket
Fitted leggings stuffed into knee high
Fuck me boots.
Holysuffering crucified Christ!
Pray for my innability to have
What a madame wants and covets

Me - the rue and doe
Me - the pawn
The fawn
The urchin
The nag with no saddle

I await the mighty
The steeplechase

I'm very very patient
A push over

My arm has been raised for six years
My homework complete and unmarked

I know few set skills
How to peel an onion
Open a bottle of wine
Tip velvet

I sing a song
Of suffering and the steeplechase
Sadleseat for a ride and tie

Jump on.

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