Thursday, 26 April 2012

tout ce qui brille n'est pas

'Men lie about that Spoonful' Howlin' Wolf Paillettes faces from tenants past in East proper as this myriad eyed thing with wings watched me do things That were done before (you know where) an after a.m lunge the huddle in underwater underwear no prospects to prosper couldn't sift the sugar on a full chest But spoons in that sink light down A camera clean up rying to find a hole or a whole window in a home for this frustrating mess something from Meet the Applegate's or another similar 50's horror

Friday, 20 April 2012

Bon voyage

Remember rappeler use the city you live in as if you were on holiday- visit the parks the theatre go tour go ists debate dates Call upon the lipstick saint esprit live cheap avoid sleep the stay home Baby bubble is not eggs and caviar cooked by Guérard cull crap suck sap between branches listen to those accidental/suicid écoute to those who have almost died and plan on getting into prescription painkillers see: darvon vicodin Oxycontin 40 Dilaudid tramadol écoute to vomit choking carl crack delirium tremens loose pubes hydrocodone headphones self inflicted insults overboard verbose overdose anti depressant presents b. a. l. - 36% drown gowns peeping sills peered over yards Seconal supermodels sprouting suggestive schiap nars Coked out country collisions Buttes Chaumont birthday boy benching barbiturates (not dying in Bernett's) this is an alphabet autopsy the report: possible Atherosclerosis /aspergers asphixia onanism.

Monday, 16 April 2012


When one was labelled
Funny - see drôle
The ingredients

Mustard powder 1/2 tsp
Salt liberal
Pepper to taste
A case of Bourgogne Blanc
Three caffe corretto's
A child's skull
Fly's on fishing rods
One (unused) copy of Men's World
Celine's Diary
The gum seat
A woman stuck up a tree
A handful of stones
Tinned Anchovies rinsed
Lilliput Capers
Flour to dust
Butter soft

A pan big enough to fit a cupboard cunt.