Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Licking Out Logarithm

Your Da sends you a picture, Of your camera, Post quake, what scale And I think of (though you haven't asked) sniffing the ravine's curve, diving into you on the Costeria Amalfitana, demain demons, Frizzante bottles In the fridge of a Rented room by a freddo sea as seagulls shit and scrounge. The discovered city's clitty, semi dry holy wine and cantucci, Che figa, the cissy chapel, the mortadella bella, lumache l'amore, the letto macchiato, meravigiosa meals In our hotel, And the headline hangovers that vanish in fume lava and ash As I eat gnocca for breakfast- the paper unread, coffee cold, the dog huffing, by the closed door.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lean In

You've pondered, that's plunder Too much thinking, Thinking 'bout thinking, Me thinks Meta, Fuck off you. A red carpet stroll, Casual capsule, Catspulted and crowbarred. I'm funny too: Jaded in gaol Gloves in the toilet bowl Fingers wrapped 'round cold bars covered in cocoa. A jug raised (to us), With slick sangue of a hare; My key pulled out of a stomach And left to be rained on.