Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Deal With Him

"Deal with him, Hemingway, deal with him!"
I must remain seated,
I haven't finished this glass
Of floral sweet white wine.

"Deal with him, Hemingway, deal with him!"
I have violets that need eau,
A daughter heading for the bin,
My Galway gee in need.

"Deal with him, Hemingway."
You're brawn and brain,
I'm a prick with a stick.

"Deal with him, Ernest, deal with him!"
These gobshite's don't serve stout
Or Coddle,
Melisande is watching you.

Will you carry me?
Have you a spare candlebra?
Dîner's on me at Closerie des Lilas.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Hong Kong Friday

In eyeliner
Tu meurs white

Censured by the window

Maternal mammeries
The master shot

Raw lens flair
Film stock

A crashed cotillion
An abadoned abortion

'Who?' you say

I am a lone gunman.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Salle De Singes

I put you on fast
And split you
On a clean slate

Plangent Brandy breakfast
In a corner head gape

Some bitch
Eats my dream

In the half dark.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Still concerned with blemishes
T and A, devachan,


And letting myself go

Criminal damage, product placement,
Wages, almshouse's

And the age

30 and childless
30 without a supporting wife
30 no savings

30 and well aware
Of my failings
Carnal knowledge
Plane bombs
Product placement

30 and a liar of white and tall
30 on the wrong bus at 2.34 a.m
30 still easing off crack

Still pining and sleeping
As crowds shop on
Icy high streets

30 and as foul mouthed
As before

30 and renting a suitcase

30 and scared of hoosegow
And warm milk

30 and still doing this

Monday, 15 August 2011

When A Man Is Tired Of London, He Is Tired Of Life. S.J

Author's Note: The Washing Machine Brain

Flipper, Benji and Skippy
In a Fiacre

Saint Denis's head
Being kicked against
Stade de France

Hot bitches
On Plage de Tahiti

Debussy smoking
Outside the cafe
Around the corner of Rue Cardinet

Rodin with a bad bi polar dream

A pied noir Chef de Plunge
With gold pockets
And a dead family

Frank Sinatra in La Tour d'Argent
Eating duck

Burton and Miss Tits
The vintage couple

And me
Nuages pesants
For eyes

Feet for hands

And butter
For brains.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

On Cunt Nine

The poor fuck
She said she
Couldn't stand Paris

I'd sit till my
Throat slit
Into a river of brains

And bathtubs of
Grand Marnier

Other excess:

Pan blisters
Off pitch

Salopes and slaps
Heroin ladders

An escape:
Airport nightshade.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Just Like

Just like Jackson
& the girls
With flat tits
So many people
“Fuck Picasso”

I have often
Had women

John L said
I’m only sleeping
& he wanted to
That cold thing

They never murder
People that earn it
Or any of the ones
That take away from musique

This desert fills
With anyone who
In another's song