Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Deal With Him

"Deal with him, Hemingway, deal with him!"
I must remain seated,
I haven't finished this glass
Of floral sweet white wine.

"Deal with him, Hemingway, deal with him!"
I have violets that need eau,
A daughter heading for the bin,
My Galway gee in need.

"Deal with him, Hemingway."
You're brawn and brain,
I'm a prick with a stick.

"Deal with him, Ernest, deal with him!"
These gobshite's don't serve stout
Or Coddle,
Melisande is watching you.

Will you carry me?
Have you a spare candlebra?
Dîner's on me at Closerie des Lilas.


  1. I love this, it's a prime example of that frosty voice that you use in a lot of your stuff, so untouchable and poised...x