Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year Zest

From Le jour de l'An
They try a verbal form of inanition
And an abstinence of open bottles

The paper neighbours
Believe brainwash

And you celebrate instead

Taking pleasure in wine with lunch
Hot desserts and d. i. a

Cutting out canned soda's
Putting fruit next to sofa's
And your desk

Calories don't just disappear
At membership gyms
Give the house a once over
Move beds and cupboards

Out in the garden
Weed and trim wild hedges
Rake up leaves

Cook your own meals

At weekends take to squash games
Mild jogging
Burst and fits on a bicycle
Go round again.

See how this compares
To the ones struggling
Without a drop

The ones holding on
By a nail.

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