Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Contemplating a Mc Donald’s Milkshake,
A summer term in Connecticut, table dancers.

Contemplating a suicide bath, Natalie Portman’s mouth,
A theatre’s back door.

Contemplating the definition of friendship, the Guernica
And Transsexual’s on Charring Cross.

Contemplating must and brave yanks, the tenacious,
A bowl of cornflakes.

Contemplating my wardrobe and cold coffee,
The decline of conquest, Christmas in bed.

Contemplating following up wishes, blowing bubbles,
Buying a fishing rod.

Contemplating a woman’s presence and concern,
Le negative, digging up coins in Slough.

Contemplating dental bills, how the solar system works
And why I put this down

While lost women without shadows lay on large beach towels
Waiting for poets.

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