Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Out of the bag

A rainbow in Bourgogne
Lost white sock Carwash
Leprechaun's chewing PK gum
cock grafitti empty
Seats on a bus to Naples
Dinner on the moon
Lit terrace toast
Thrown out a 3rd floor window
Cumstained hotel
Battered mothers
Repressed and bi polar artists
Walking in thunderstorms in the south
of France football fans
Sleeping at the airport
American women living in Argentina
Open mouths catching flies
Couples in sunglasses
Arguing outside a fast food restaurant clouds
In the shape of brains and bibles dropping
off a New York Skyscraper
T-shirts from heaven
The guy who forgot
To turn off
The gas mosquito
Bites on ankles and elbows
Remade retake cover version
Who'd play you in the movie?

Girls with the names of donuts
Prison husbands
With their hands on plastic glass
The serial killers get more visitors
Than you'd expect
Their mother's still write
Kids play cards and slap the table
I just threw a pen at a wall
and I miss you when I leave fatty
Tourists with wild wallets
Little girls show their knickers
Like drunken barwhores
Wet on the way
to Work
The diamond Burton
Bought had been stolen from Vera Krupp
Collecting cigarette butts
In Piccadilly Circus
Miller and Satre lived in the Louisiane
On Rue De Seine
They cut it into fourteen quaters

The interstice

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