Thursday, 9 September 2010


We catch up on Wednesday
At The French House
And this barwoman-
All hooped earring and
Body eye gestures
Gives off pheremones
Hot sweat sex
Stink she

I'm so sure God
Created cunt to put her
Behind bar

God did a grade A
Fucking job of teasing
The sensless shit
Out of my cum soaked sheet

She'll wash herself outdoors
In foriegn springs
And dry on cooked amber leaves

Be proud
Triumphant gold
1st place in tight jeans
And loose top
Gin based grace

Picture in a window
I'm so sure she'll fuck
Herself a bastard
Bastards que
For her
Bastards in the loo
Whisper unload lungs
In the stalls
About this prop
This melt hot mannequin

'Who's next?'
Anyone waiting?'

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