Monday, 10 October 2011

Malade Comme Un Chien

I am not the ginger Tomcat marking territory in her bedroom
Nor the railway Nazi
Or boozy Bardolph's bookkeeper

I am not a donor (blood sperm)
Related to royalty
Adverse to perversions

I am not typing in a Cuba
Renting a decent apartment
Or a capricious dog owner (though I was)

I am not spilling off milk
Moving to Copacabana
Penetrating virgins in their 20's

I'm not a dab hand
Or silver bullet

Not accelerating behind the wheel
Of a Porsche Carrera
Blasting 'the Chronic' behind tinted windows

I am not roped into open fallopian tubes
Drinking in daytime (I lie)

I am not on lists of possible targets
Afraid to hitchhike or
Jump into an 18ft deep swimming pool (I lie again)

I'm not there
I respond through mots
Not calls

I'm not that or being eaten by stomach worms
I'm not eligible or legible

I'm not brazen or standing at the gates
Of my sisters school
I am not an idol
Model in a role or near pole

I'm not residing in my birthplace
Or a picture or number
Or my medical histoire

I'm not fluent but truant.

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