Friday, 20 January 2012

The rope in my mouth

Not the ginger red tom cat
Not the railway nazi
Or boozy Bardolph's rose nose

Not a donor - blood or sperm
Related to ripped royalty
Reverse to my perversions

Not typing in a Cuban bar
Renting a shack
A capricious dog owner

Not knocking over milk glasses
Moving to Nassau
Penetrating virgin's
In their 20's

Not a dab hand
A silver bullet
Accelerating behind the wheel
Of a '78

Not behind tinted windows
Blasting 'The Chronic'

Not roped into
Fallopian tubes
Daytime drinks
Doing reps

Afraid to get laid
While hitchiking
Jump into a 18ft deep pool

Not there
Respond through text
Callus Calls

20 or eaten
By stomach worms

Not eligible
or legible
Or at the school gate

Not idol
or residing in birth

Not in pictures
or numbers
Maybe through
medical histoire

Not fluent
Or what they could

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