Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Horde

A painting is a horde
Of destructions
Said Pablo Picasso

And I stay here with
Whore's deconstructing
The constructions

The cellar door
Booted in
By an El Paso Jailbird
On a large charge

Finger finding a switch
But no hits

Her photoed tits
Post shower cop off
Hairdryer plugged in
Bunched towel

The kids back from the monkey run
This time I shower
And feed them change

And from under covers
She tells the eldest to straighten
The painting
Ties shoes
Let the hound out

From this bathroom window
My dog chases 'em

She shouts in
The cellar's got guests again
I know they're back

They will chirp
Cheep chirrup.

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