Friday, 2 July 2010

Is it?

Written a few weeks ago in Parque del Buen Retiro: "The lungs of Madrid".

A capital bear chasing a fish
Giant fingernails and a waistcoat
A beer glass
Toilet roll

Mickey Mouse eating a banana
A miami wig
Ice cubes

A heeled shoe
An oven glove
Pig's legs
A lunch tongue

Sesos with teethmarks
Decapitated cabeza's
A bottom lip
Three tits

A baseball bat
A sausage gun
A hand with three digits


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  2. Gareth, these are all really lovely things! Where is the hemophiliac baby?

    Here is a video of you reading this, suitably in the park. I see what you did there Madrid lungs

  3. The baby didn't make the list. A lot of shit did though. This was written as I lay in the grass drinking cold beer cloud watching.