Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wax Fruit Pool Party

Blow jobbing bimbos
Arrive once the topless DJ
Throws worrying shapes
From his poolside pulpit

Sunday afternoon
In Geneva and this fuck is mixing
As if he's on a Spanish Island
At climax

No one here is pilling or buzzed
Yet he dances to the soundtrack
As we drink kirs à la pêche

There's a tempting fruit bowl
On the table next to popcorn
Salad leaves and Ice Tea

Girls of all ages and women
Change into swimwear and I
Eat seedless grapes

T-shirtless dudes with tanned abs
And low body fat
Throw frisbees and push each other
Into the cool pool

Before the Dick Jockey plays
His next mistake
A grape from my hand
Hits the back of his throat
And the arms he waved to tunes
As he tries to cough
It out

The song ends
And another one doesn't start
'till another amateur sunkissed
Brainless DJ takes over


  1. You should have enjoyed and let it go :)

  2. that's right! could have been worst really.. ;)