Monday, 14 February 2011

The Easiest Prey

Dining on

Twice removed relationships

Metacognitive beheadings

I saunter out en hiver

Sit down for a Pastis

And feast on cris de coeur

In slivers

I drink from a narrow neck carafe

And a glass of water

With baking soda


All chambers cleared

I venture on to my prospective barmaid

Who puffs as she reigns ’em in

And snuffs it with a turned heel

Her hair goes curly

In the rain

As she taps her watch

To say I’m too early

I stand on this curb

Across from where she calls

Who’s waiting

To thirsty beggars

Across from where she stopped

To meet me on the stairs down

And worked a whole weekend

With my semen

Dried on a skirt

Bought to ensnare

The easiest prey.

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