Sunday, 20 February 2011


Your Google homepage-

Search engine bar blank-

Easy instant

And free.

Tiny porn boxes,

Flashes of videoed panties on,

Off fingers tongue,

A new arrival,

Nude on again,

And the arrow glides over,

One suitable, by now,

Your ballbags tightened up,

Cock is pointing play,

You watch and tug, she’s

Rubbing her cunt, against a mirror,

There’s no music or magic,

Just the reverberation of a blue set,

Maybe it’s her house?

And her dildo?

A dildo appears in almost all these clips

Usually pink,

Metal, or see through,

And with one halfway in her butt,

She grimaces, and reminds you of a woman,

You dated but let get away.

So you try tidy up,

Both working,

Towards finishing the past ,

To come.

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