Monday, 18 April 2011

Petite's Spring Triangle

Streaming poem Started at dawn running and noon rise first asparagus season and ghee parfait shrimps and Guinness Moved across Waterloo to eat Clementine Granita prozzie's white and black (one holding a child) And cidre Breton from Jerry's we went to St Anne's Where Blake prayed in death mask Boozed and snoozed two petite teens with thongs riding both holes Played with a beach ball When we took to Soho square flooded With cans and then shade Hunger mounted and we queued with Negroni's And watching a tattoed waitress with a comb in the ass pocket of her jeans Postprandial I lit up and gave one up To a bugeyed dealer who offered free lines Crack in a car park He exchanged note for refined sugar And sucked smoked his hand made pipe All this as we watched We laughed.

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