Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Drawing Room B

Tell these readers of lost roman d'amour,

Poems only read in wax bedrooms

Scented with the faithful act of a harmonious hetero couple

Feed these famished readers with meals

Cooked slow in one pot and a Burgandy,

Conversations of a lifelong marriage and

The child who lives in the clouds

Quoting the holy book

The act of contrition

Kissing in the countryside

Bird song concert

Tall grass and breeze

Without marshmallows

Under the sheet

Preparing a picnic for the afternoon

Cheese and Bread

Apples and Grapes

One rose

Renting a row boat

Out to the Islands eye

On the beach

Footprints finished by the tide

Hands held in the throngs

Of impossible circumstance

A complete equal

Like the sign =

No + or –

Life on verdant earth

Evermore verdant

One shared and digested

Not so full

That we can’t get up

And not too little that we don’t have

Go for a tango

Or discussion about Chaucer

Or a quick skinny dip

In a cold bay.

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