Thursday, 3 March 2011

We're Out There

There are herds of us in b.o. boudoirs

We’re on the wrong side of our 20’s

We blew chances for long-term relationships

By necking beers, getting car crash pissed

And wanking over glossy and outrageously posed

Underpaid eastern European models

‘Dates’ ‘Girlfriends’ ‘Wives’

Don’t want to stick fingers in their cunts

And show pink-

They hide their assholes-

They don’t want you to hear farts

Or smell their shit-

They try and hide when they have periods

‘Dates’ ‘girlfriends’ ‘wives’

Don’t shave it bald

Or let men blow junk over their

Mouth and chin

They don’t do double penetration

Or golden showers

They don’t lick or suck dildo’s that have been inside them

Shit, these decent marriable babes

Don’t even like a finger near the shithole

But us, the dumb driven cattle

We didn’t clue up or catch it-

Chewing the cud

In open fields

Waiting for lightning

Or an aged oak

Struck by lightning to crush

And squish our simple skulls

The mist of our brains settling

Into the green blades

For the next self eating group

To come and chew

Mooo chews



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