Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Greatest Hits

I cloud out

Clear force sellable reality

Kidney shots

From my SK

Kicking the door off the hinges

My SK hurls a wine glass

Out the window

She cruises and curses

To where it murmurs

SK butts me

Nose split

Squint eyes

She roars

Head kicks my jowl

Handclaps my cold ears

I come around and she’s

Got a lighter to the hair

Of my nuts

I’m then stripped and shoved

In cold bathwater

While she holds a plugged in

Radio above my head.

I get dunked

Head sink splutter under

Gasp air suck

And to top it off

Pulled out wet

And onto a vintage crucifix

Nails palms and feet

And a 12 inch through the forehead

Tap tap TAP.

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