Sunday, 19 December 2010


Still concerned with blemishes
T and A, devachan, cockteasers

And letting myself go

Criminal damage, product placement,
Wages, almshouse's

And the age

30 and still childless
30 without a supporting wife
30 no driver's licence
Or savings
Or donated organs

30 and well aware
Of my failings
Carnal knowledge
Plane bombs
Product placement

30 and a liar of white and tall
30 on the wrong bus at 2.34 a.m
30 still shying from crack

Still pining

30 and sleeping
As the crowds shop on
Icy high streets

30 eating solo

30 and as foul mouthed
As before

30 and renting a cheap room
In Haringay

30 still scared of hoosegow
And warm milk

30 and still doing this

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