Saturday, 11 December 2010

Naughty or Nice?

We've entered into Father Christmas's month:
Gingerbread men, women, dogs,
Snowmen and elves

And full grown adults
Of both sex put on red hats
With a white bobble
In tribute
In imitation of a Coca Cola
Marketing campaign

Oblivious and playground informed kids
Write and scrawl wish lists
In their toy strewn rooms

Mothers desperate for more jewels
Jewellery or overpriced handbags
Ask husbands who hope for some
Xmas pussy

The day looms over each human head
And not because of the real reason

The papers and advertisements countdown
Like we don't know
Like we're not aware of how much time
We have to wrap and fill those stockings
Hanging above the fireplace

Like we don't know about Rudolph's red fucking shiny nose
Or the elf slaves in Santa's North pole sweatshop

And do not forget to spare a shit
For Mrs Claus
She has to cook and give head
To the white bearded delivery man
The rest of the year

I'll bet my bottom $
She puts a cross through her calendar
For the night he leaves on his sleigh.

Merry Christmas.


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