Friday, 10 December 2010

Fame Extingusiher

This is another one written on the spot. This is what I want to write. G.S

Before journalists or bloggers
Groupies of horror
The just and almost devoted

You must smoke in shadows
All and each effort nothing
But silhouette.

And what gets the man here?
To a point where his name
Sparks interest.

Banal things e.g

The divine perfumed neck
A woman's hand in December
Blank checks

There's more:

Three course lunches
Campari and Soda
Travelling hangovers

When you open up some magazine overrun
With advertisments and models
That don't play a part in this-

The real limbo

Then make a decision
Executive bruv

To not buy into that phoney handsome
Well to do polite "Only with dinner"

'Cause being known pictured reported interviewed
Isn't about the money
The moolah
And loose change

It's about the work
The pieces that fit

So go on
Do what you gonna do

If you give a shit
Someone else will

With your fingers crossed
They might have two hands
And be interested

In what makes
The man.

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