Monday, 20 December 2010

The Fitting

Misfits, no matter where miss clothes
Fittings, facial ticks, body hairs

Missfits, ginger mullets and handlebars
Drinking gin and coke

Misfits, leather coats and runners,
smoking those thin women cigarettes

Missfit scarfs of beige, salad lunches
No girlfriends

Missfits eating junk and more, forgetting dental
Agreements, sending christmas cards
Their ma's dry cleaning

Missfits only piss in the cubicle
Fall asleep in cinema's
Play with toys

Misfits masturbating too much
With expensive phones
Fantasising 'bout cartoon cunts and breasts

In pubs on Saturday morning
Dirty nails, cheap and holey jumpers
White shoes

Misfits looking at the ground
Adding friends on Facebook
Avoiding bathtubs and shaving cream

Misfits hate fruit and veg
Sweat in bed
Borrow money from uncle's

Misfits fit in their own hole.

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