Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sniffing At the Barmaid's Apron

A merry Christmas this December to a lot of folks I don't remember

Slipped in for a sly one and got another bought for me
Before I'd gulped the remaining
Stout familiar Stout of home
Same again

And two of those down the hatch
All preprandial all worth while

To your health!

Moved to a booth where we all knew
What we'd know after

And raised glass
Polished and branded
To our mother's and our mother's mouth's

The time was sliced
Staff of life buttered and rife
Almost all night I'd seen hints
From S
As she wiped dry

From rested view
They exited out the entrance
Into covered streets

I passed into room
Without light where S's apron roused me
With a view of breast that time
And we took to bed



  1. So far December has been a great and inspiring month!!!! Take care my friend, I'm impressed by the quality and quantity of work that has been posted this year... Looking forward to reading you in 2011!


  2. It has indeed. It's all the festive boozing.